The installation of Roboform for PocketPC on a Telus Q gets stuck during the part where it asks you to remove from cradle, click ok, so that it can install the sync component. No matter what you do, it will not let you continue, you have to click finally cancel. And this will cancel the whole installation.

After a bit of experimenting, and getting no help from Roboform Support – they blamed it on Application Lock 🙂

1. Install original Roboform while your device is not connected. This will handle the PC portion. Then plug your device, select Cancel when it tries to install the smartphone portion.

2. Unzip my files on your desktop.

3. Copy AI RoboForm PPC to \Storage Card\AI RoboForm PPC

4. Copy Siber Systems AI RoboForm PPC to \Windows\AppMgr\Siber Systems AI RoboForm PPC. When I tried to copy it from desktop to Q, it failed. However, if you copy it to let’s say \ and then use Resco or any other file manager to move it under \Windows\AppMgr, it works fine.

5. Copy the roboform.reg to \My Documents.

6. Using Resco File Explorer (you need to install also the Registry component), click on the roboform.reg to import registry file.

7. Unplug Q.

8. We need to delete and recreate the partnership in ActiveSync. On the Q, open ActiveSync, click Menu – Options, select Windows PC, Menu – Delete. On the desktop, do the same via ActiveSync – File – Delete Device.

9. Plug Q back, establish partnership. You’ll see Roboform is syncing happily.

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