Tengo has released their latest keyboard/sip software. Here is the brief:

"Would just like to let you know that we have just released TenGO Free Edition (version 1.0), which can be downloaded at free.tengo.net.

TenGO Free Edition is for individual, non-commercial use only. Users just need to download, install, register with their email address and will be free to use the software to handle all their text inputting needs like email, messaging, note-taking, etc. TenGO Free Edition is built on the core of the predecessor of TenGO v2.0, the award winning TenGO v1.3x, with upgraded compatibility with WM5, some tweaks and a brand new tutorial.

We are very happy with where TenGO v2.0 is now and would like to take TenGO to the next level, to continue to make TenGO even better and be the best mobile text input solution possible. Much of what TenGO has evolved to is thanks in part to the numerous feedback, suggestions and comments from users and non-users alike. The next stage is thus to get as many feedback as possible by proliferating TenGO as much as possible.

Hope that you can help us to spread the word around and post the news of TenGO Free Edition as well as the new website free.tengo.net. www.tengo.net is still available for users that want to use TenGO v2.0 for commercial purposes or to take advantage of new and powerful features (including the support for foreign languages).

Also, in free.tengo.net is the second installment of TenGO videos showing TenGO users reaching very fast typing speeds. This time its Chen-Yee typing with just one of her hands. Because of the success of the videos and the numerous requests from users, we have now made available for download the trial Typing Speed Test program, for users to see how fast they can type with TenGO and gear up for the upcoming TenGO Challenge.

Thanks for all your help and support and have a nice