Since last week, Telus Mobility has been offering Motorola Q. I have picked mine yesterday. It feels it has been rushed to the market a bit. You should see how loose the extended battery cover is.

My current thoughts:

1. The device is heavily application locked. This means, you cannot tweak registry (for example change the graphics cache size), you cannot install unsigned applications (many freeware developers do sign their apps). Also this means, you cannot tweak the device to enable Bluetooth DUN, to use the device as a Bluetooth Modem for your PC.

Verizon has also released the device application locked, but their measures were far less intrusive.

I called Telus support, which had no clue and redirected me to send an email. Their response was in short:

"Thank you for your e-mail about your Motorola Q. Unfortunately most limitations you can find on our product either are a business decision required by TELUS or means that TELUS does not support what you are trying to install. Note that if the original setups of the phone is changed you warranty is voided at the same time, However if you would like more information on how to modify the existing settings please contact Motorola at 1-800-461-4575 or via there web site .

We are sorry for the inconvenience."

So I called Motorola Q support, which tried to explain to me the device was application locked by Telus and was about to redirect me back. When they realize Telus has sent me to them, he said "they don’t know what they are doing" and then he escalated my issue to level 4 support. I am waiting to hear back from them.

2. Some buttons are located obscure. For example the back/delete button is placed right beside the directional pad and is hard to reach.

3. The device is very thin and nice. The keyboard is a joy to use.

4. The battery cover is loose, for both extended and regular battery.

5. Screen is next to impossible to read under the sun.

6. EVDO is working nicely, though it took the agent almost an hour on how to program it. Initiall he did the device programming, phone portion was fine, but data portion did not work. He had to edit IMSI_11_12 setting and set it to 65535 for EVDO to work.

I’ll keep you