I am converting more and more DVDs to PSP format these days. There were movies I bought and never spent time to watch them. Now, while I am on the train going to work, I can watch them. Last week, I watched whole season 1 of Futurama.

The process, if you haven’t find out on another site, is very easy.

1. Install DVDDecrypter
2. Install PSPVideo9
3. Both these software are freeware. Once they are installed, pop your favorite DVD in, run DVDDecrypter.
4. From Mode menu, select IFO mode
5. From Tools menu, select Settings, under IFO Mode tab, set the File Splitting option to none.
6. On the main screen, select a destination folder.
7. On the right side of the main screen, Input tab should have selected the longest program automatically. This is usually the main movie. Click Stream Processing, enable it, check the parts you need. I use only the main video and best audio.
8. Click DVD to HDD icon on the main screen to rip the DVD. It will create a single VOB file.
9. Run PSPVideo9, select Convert option. Click New Job, find your VOB file you ripped, give a title to your movie (it will be displayed on PSP), select a profile and hit Start. In an hour or so (depending your CPU), you’ll have your PSP ready movie.

The profiles can be managed from PSPVideo9 options, I usually use Q7 variable bit rate, with proper resolution (320×240 for regular, 368×208 for widescreen). I also increase the audio volume to 160%. This results around 250-300mb movie file. I can fit 3 to my 1Gb card