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3.60 Firmware for PSP Slim is out

Team M33 has done it again. The custom firmware is out for new slim PSPs. The full list of instructions can be found, along with software downloads at: Following the procedure, you'll create a Pandora's Battery, ...
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Sony PSP Firmware Downgrader 2.71 to 1.50

In case you missed it, using a kernel hack, you can downgrade your 2.71 version firmware to 1.50. Read more about it at:,18038.0.html And grab the full set of files, including 1.50 ROM related from: Download This is a ...
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Say bye to Apocalypse

Well, after a tough battle, I finally finished Xmen Legends II. I think I did the battle a little bit harder than it should, as it took a while to figure out what was needed ...
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