Now this is great news. Thanks to my fellow reader, John Duff, I was able to get Blackberry Connect 4.0 running fine on my HTC P3600 (aka Trinity).

Here is the steps involved:

1. Install Blackberry Connect (I downloaded it for VPA Compact III on Vodafone website – Run the Blackberry control panel app. I did not select Calendar to sync. Finished first time run.

2. Using Blackberry Connect Desktop for Windows Mobile 4.0, I provisioned the BES account to the device.

3. Disconnected the device and it connected to Blackberry APN fine. Sent a test message, it arrived.

4. Hard reset the unit. You can choose not to, but I prefer a clean install.

5. Install Blackberry Connect 4.0 client, if you need the files, you can get it at

5. Run the Blackberry control panel app on the device once again, it will do its setup and reboot.

6. Again, using Desktop client (at this point you can also use Wireless Activation), provision the BES account to the device.

7. Voila, everything works.