Last month I have talked about the Kerio Connect bringing BES support with 7.1 version. After some testing and creating a huge thread of complaints in Kerio Forums, I have some updates.

1. Amazingly, if you follow this exact order, it works fine:

a. Install AD
b. Install Kerio
c. Install Kerio Blackberry Connect
d. Install BES 5

I verified this with a local install. What perplexes me is the fact that if you reverse a and b, it will not work. KBC gives an error during MAPI account creation.

For those interested, you can see the thread at:

So far, no one can explain why AD has to be installed first. On many existing installs of Kerio, companies don’t have the AD installed. I guess, their only solution will be using a separate server. You can do steps a, c and d on a separate server, if you have an existing server with Kerio running. The beauty is it even doesn’t have to be in your local network. You can have two servers in two separate locations. Of course it is not an ideal case, but it