I have Luxio 32 Gb USB Flash Drive from SuperTalent and it had two partitions, one protected by AES encryption, one non-encrypted. It was working fine till yesterday. A week ago, I accidentally washed it. But knowing the usb flash, I let it dry and it was fine. Yesterday, it decided to quit working. It was recognized by OS, installed as a removable drive, with 0 byte size. It wasn’t even mounting under OS X.

I found the Dr. UFD from people who had 0 byte (or media not inserted errors, which I also did – it acted like a card reader without media) problems. Tried it, even though my drive is from a different manufacturer and voila. Now I lost the secure partition, which is not an issue, as I wanted to remove it anyways ;).

Dr. UFD is a low level format utility from PQI. It is available for dl from their site under FAQs, http://www.pqi.com.tw/faq_1.asp?ID=1171 for example.

If you have any issues with a USB Flash drive, this might save you