A friend of mine brought me a new toy – A Google G1 phone. First thing, I contacted my friends at Horizon Wireless and they provided me an unlock code in minutes and very cheap.

Then I opened the unit, put in my Fido card and booted it up. It asked for the unlock code, which worked like a charm.

During activation, it fails first, as it won’t connect to Internet (yet). Before hitting the Try Again, hit Menu button to go into APN Settings, hit menu again to add a new one. Use the following:

# Name: Fido
# APN: internet.fido.ca
# Username: fido
# Password: fido
# MCC: 302
# MNC: 37

Or if you are using Rogers, use:

# Name: Rogers
# APN: internet.com
# Username: wapuser1
# Password: wap
# MCC: 302
# MNC: 72

Click Menu and save. Now go back and try again. This time it will work like a charm. Kudos goes to Horizon Wireless for excellent service. Check them out for your unlocking needs, they are