It was hard to believe, but yes it is true. Though some stores might be clueless about this, it turns out there is an internal memo circulated (I have seen it with my own eyes at Commerce Court store) that HTC Touch is somehow classified as a phone and can use $7 unlimited mobile browser plan. What this means is you can use it for browsing and emails for $7. That’s just great.

I also confirmed this with their data support team (the person I spoke to was very knowledgable and helped me out greatly, as the idiot at the store did put 412xxxyyyy as my MSID, instead of 416).

So if you go with a 3 yr contract, you can grab a new Touch with 400mhz processor and 128mb RAM for just $149 and $7 data plan. Only catch is you cannot tether it to a laptop/pc. Word of warning, afaik CDMA devices use a separate ids when they are tethered, thus Bell will know if you did it or