The update, which is fixing critical Safari bug allowing hacker taking control of your iPhone, is out.

The 1.01 Update is available via Itunes directly only. The full release notes is at:

According to reports, Apple is not disclosing full list of changes. Who knows, they might be patching something to prevent sim unlocking as well. But there is also functionality changes coming with the release such as:

– You can automatically BCC sent messages to yourself (previously it was CC only)
– Earpiece volume is higher
– Improved stability
– Faulty battery indicators are fixed.
– VPN improvements – VPN passwords are now correctly remembered, and there is a new button to terminate VPN connection attempts.
– Passcode timeout now allows up to 1 hr idle time.
– Mail app is more swift.

I have done the update, it took couple of minutes, very straightforward.

Update (14:21 2 Aug 2007):

I found another fixed problem – The Exchange Server and IMAP4 root folder settings. In 1.0, if you setup a mailbox, which is on an Exchange server, you had two options:

1. Use Other – Exchange

This was fine mostly, however default IMAP4 root was set as /INBOX. This would let you see only folders under Inbox, nothing outside it. You could have changed the root path to /, this time all the folders were visible, but you could not see folders under Inbox, Inbox was shown as a single unexpanded folder.

2. Use Other – Imap4

This one had the root path set as /, but still you couldn’t access the folders under inbox similar to above.

Now with 1.01, the Other – Exchange option works as it should, the root path is set as / and all mail folders under your account. I don’t know why they will not list folders such as contacts.

Interestingly, if you set the account as Other – Imap4, all the folders are listed (non-email folders show