In case you missed, the successor to PPC 6700 is out. It is a neat Pocket PC Phone (or in new terms Windows Mobile Professional).

It is a neat unit and if you don’t mind a three year contract, $200 is a steal. The key features are:

* Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ 6.0 Professional
* Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint® and Outlook® Mobile
* Wi-Fi®
* Auto-sliding QWERTY keyboard
* 5-way navigation control and scroll wheel
* Bluetooth®
* Speakerphone
* 2.0 megapixel digital camera and camcorder
* Microsoft® Windows Media® Player Mobile
* Internet Explorer Mobile
* Windows Live®
* 64MB SDRAM/256MB Flash ROM
* Expandable MicroSD memory card slot
* 110 x 59mm x 18.5 mm
* 165g with battery
* 2.8" TFT touch screen LCD display

I wish they’d use a bit more RAM with the unit, 64 can be low. The rest of the specs are good, and surprisingly Bell released a device with Wifi