With Blackberry 8830 World Edition launch, Bell Canada has also announced new voice and data roaming rates. You can see the full list at http://www.businessonthego1.com/english/pdf/BB_8830_Intl_coverage_and_rates_En.pdf

Blackberry 8830 is a new CDMA/GSM hybrid device, allowing you to use it anywhere with a wireless coverage. It works as a CDMA unit and when there is no CDMA coverage, falls back to GSM. The rest of the features are similar to 8800 Series (GPS, trackball, bluetooth, etc). However, unlike Verizon or Cingular/AT&T, Bell Canada will not offer an International Unlimited Blackberry Data Plan. It will cost 5 cents a KB, in 10 KB increments, which majorly sucks. For the price of mere 1.5 MB, you can get unlimited data plans from Verizon or Cingular. Too bad Verizon and Cingular both stopped offering unlimited voice plans to Canada. Otherwise their Blackberry data plans would have been perfect for Canadian traveling