Following up my article on "HTC S621 (HTC Excalibur) – available from Rogers", I picked a unit up today.

And to my surprise, it was SIM unlocked. I put in my Fido card and it worked like a charm.

On another note, T-Mobile has leaked Windows Mobile 6 and it is possible to install it on Rogers S621. While I take no responsibility, if you brick your phone, the details are as follows:

1. CID unlock your device. I used They work fast and reliable, best $40 spent.

2. Download the ROM –

3. Follow the instructions at:

One difference from the above list I had, when I ran the unlocker for the last time, the phone went to white screen, but the unlock failed. Right after that, I re-run the dash unlocker and voila, it is all good now 🙂

Time to play with my WM6