Well, it has been couple days and I love it. I took some notes about my experience with it, hope you’ll find it useful:

1. The device works much faster and stable. It feels like the CPU had a boost.

2. The new Exchange 2007 features are great, HTML emails work like a charm and searching emails on the server works very well. Similar to Outlook on desktop images that are not embedded are not downloaded by default, for protection.

3. The new signal icon now shows G (GPRS), E (Edge), 3G (UMTS) and H (HSDPA). This is the first time I saw 4 icons, in the past it has been GPRS/EDGE with one and the rest with the other..

4. You can have your desktop/laptop use your device’s Internet connection easy, via the new Internet Sharing option. It takes two minutes to set it up under Vista.

5. There is an option for backing up your SMS.

6. You can now encrypt the contents of your memory card.

7. The battery life, even with full HSDPA coverage and Direct Push on, was good. It lasts the full day easy.

8. Many applications, like SPB Pocket Plus and SPB Mobile Shell, don’t work well yet on Windows Mobile 6. For example both of these will report battery wrong. I put the device to charge with 50% at night and in the morning it was still showing 50%. I simply reseted the device and both showed 100%, as it should be.

I was planning to post some screenshots, but as I forgot the unit at work, it will have to wait till Monday