X1 Desktop Search client is an excellent utility, however starting with 5.6 release, the support for uncached Exchange profiles and indexing files over the network is disabled.

While it may not affect many users, there is some, like myself, who would like to run Outlook in uncached mode (ie. Cached Exchange Mode is unchecked) or index files shared over network. The solution is easy.

1. Download X1 Client Deployment Kit. You will get a zip file and you’ll be emailed a serial.

2. Extract the files, run X1 Deployment Manager, run it.

3. Enter your license key. Close X1 if it is running. Click Next

4. For the base installer, find the msi file you extracted from zip. Click Next, click Next on Path/Data Path page.

5. (Optional) Uncheck offer Yahoo Toolbar. Click Next

6. Under Application options, check "Allow Indexing of Network Shares" and "Enable Server Searches". Rest is optional. Click Next.

7. Exit and Save Changes. The installer will be on your desktop.

This portion enables the indexing for network shares. For uncached exchange profiles, you’ll need to edit Group Policy.

1. Click Start – Run – Enter gpedit.msc

2. Under Administrative Templates, right click Add/Remove Templates, click Add, find the X1DesktopSearch.adm you extracted from zip. Click Close.

3. Expand Computer Configuration – Administrative Templates – X1 Desktop Search. Enable Allow Uncached Exchange Indexing.

4. Click Start – Run – Enter gpupdate

5. Run X1.

Alternatively, if you don’t want a customized install, skip the X1 deployment manager portion, download latest X1 client and install it. Then use the license key from your download and go to Help – Register Product and use it to register the X1, which also enables indexing files over network shares. You’ll still need the Group Policy editing, if you need the uncached exchange