Today, Microsoft released Windows Vista to public.

I have been using Vista since its RTM release (through MSDN subscription). While it has many nice features, to me so far it has been more of a eye candy then an evolutionary update.

The firewall finally offers both incoming and outgoing traffic protection, the Aero interface is very nice – but Apple had most of its features for years, the new Start menu works nicely and for average Joe, it has good security features. However, for me the User Access Control became a nuisance, had to turn it off after a week, my scanner is still lacking the drivers, and there is other incompatabilities.

So my advice, if you are happy with your XP or whatever, stick with it. It is not worth the hassle for average user to upgrade.


ps. Be wary of the upgrade pricing, the upgrade versions require XP to be installed on the box, so you cannot do a clean