One of my readers, Jan, has reminded me that Skype 2.1 is out and asked if it would be possible to run it on a Smartphone, like Imate SP5. I no longer have the SP5, but I have a Motorola Q, which is very similar. So I took the challenge and the verdict: IT WORKS 🙂

This entry can be used in almost all latest Windows Mobile 5 Smartphones.

I fired up the MagicCab, a cab extraction utility by Inventop, to extract the files and registry. While MagicCab worked fine with Beta version of Skype 2.1 cab, it didn’t open the final release. I found a new freeware utility, MSCEInf and worked like a charm to extract files and registry.

There is two groups, one goes under \Storage Card\Program Files\Skype, the other goes to \Windows. I then created a .reg file to import with the details. The full setup steps are:

1. Copy the files to proper locations. The file can be downloaded at here

2. You will need a registry editor, PHM Registry Editor or I used Resco Explorer’s Registry addon and imported the .reg file (go to the folder you copied the reg file via File Explorer or Resco Explorer 2003, click to execute and import it.

3. Reboot the device.

4. Run the Skype using the link. On the long license agreement page, to click agree, I had to scroll all the way to the bottom. When the cursor was blinking at the last line, I clicked one more time the down button and hit the center button to click agree and continue. There is one more warning page, where you’ll need to use the center button to continue. Then the rest is straightforward.

Post a comment if you get stuck