Wow… I have a new phone, I love it so far. It has great connectivity features, including UMTS/Quad Band Edge/Wifi/Bluetooth, and also supports SIP/VOIP, 3.2 MP Camera, Mini SD slot and Symbian Series 60 v3 OS.

There is a release for the ActiveSync for Nokie ESeries. Knowing both N80 and E Series are using S60v3, I downloaded and installed it. To my excitement, it worked. Email, calendar, contacts all synced fine.

There is so far one glitch though, you can not open emails, I receive "Feature not supported" error. Interestingly, I can read the messages by clicking Reply, as it copies the original text. So, I don’t know what’s causing the error, as the message is there already. No issues with calendar and contacts, or replying/forwarding/composing emails.

And for the wow factor, it actually supports Direct Push, you can set the sync schedule as always on and it will do exactly like a Windows Mobile 5 AKU2 device, start pinging the server in up to 15 minute intervals and once a change occurs, it will sync it. I even checked our Exchange server logs and all the proper entries were there (writing the AutdState.xml, subscribe commands, ping, and actual syncs).

While we are on the subject, another gripe is the fact that you can only sync your Inbox, I don’t see any folder options in the software or its