Voila… It’s alive. I have gotten me a Sierra Wireless AC 860 PCMCIA card today. I was hoping to use it in near future, as it not only supports HSDPA, but UMTS, EDGE, GPRS (EDGE and GPRS are Quad Band, HSDPA and UMTS is 850/1900 only).

I installed the software, which then upgraded the firmware. First thing I noticed was a 3G logo on the top, clicking on it told me "3G attached", then upon connection (using same settings as my EDGE/GPRS connection), I saw this time a "HS" logo, which I am guessing is for HSDPA.

I browsed to couple of speed test sites and I got around 500 Kbps sustained speeds, which is great, as EDGE usually gets it around 180 Kbps.

I’ll be doing some more testing over the weekend, I don’t know what is their current coverage for it. I’ll keep you