This entry can be used in almost all latest Windows Mobile 5 Smartphones.

The installation cabs from Skype will not install on the device directly, complaining it is not compatible.

I fired up the MagicCab, a cab extraction utility by Inventop, to extract the files and registry. There is two groups, one goes under \Storage Card\Program Files\Skype, the other goes to \Windows. I then created a .reg file to import with the details. The full setup steps are:

1. Copy the files to proper locations. The file can be downloaded at here

Extract the files, copy them to your device using Active Sync’s file explorer.

2. You will need a registry editor, PHM Registry Editor or I used Resco Explorer’s Registry addon and imported the .reg file (go to the folder you copied the reg file via File Explorer or Resco Explorer 2003, click to execute and import it.

3. Copy the Skype.lnk file under \Windows\Start Menu

4. Reboot the device.

5. Run the Skype using the link. After the long license agreement page, agree and continue.

6. This is where it gets tricky, it will say Tap here to sign in, as you all know there is no touch screen on the smartphone. We’ll need the help of either Windows Mobile Developer Power Toys or Pocket Controller Pro

I used Pocket Controller. MS Developer Power Toys comes with ActiveSync Remote Display, which can be used to access the Smartphone via your PC. Whichever you use (Soti provides a trial version as well), you can click on the PC to the Tap here part and voila, it will pop up your account login details. Once you enter them, it will save them, and you won’t need to worry about it. Then it will connect and there you have a working version of Skype.

I used the low cpu version, as the SP5 has 200Mhz CPU only. If you have a higher end device with 400Mhz or better CPU, you can download and extract the files from high end cpu cab from Skype.

Now time to have fun with your Skype