I know I haven’t been writing much lately. Well, I have been busy trying to understand and implement Asterisk. It is a Linux based software PBX and can work with SIP accounts.

Basically, it is a SIP server and can redirect your calls to outside SIP servers, receive incoming calls, via SIP or hardware devices and redirect them to phone number extensions defined on the box.

For testing purposes, I got me a Sipura 3000 box. This ATA device is excellent. It offers two ports, one connecting your phone, one connecting your PSTN line and both ports support SIP. It is possible to do VOIP to PSTN and PSTN to VOIP calls. So while you are on the road, you can call the PSTN local line, then jump to your VOIP service to make your long distance call. Or your friends can call through SIP the VOIP account and dial out using PSTN.

For now I am using Sipura 3000 as ATA device to connect my analog phone. All the external SIP accounts defined in Asterisk rings this