Treehouse On Demand

Adding to their Video on Demand line up, Rogers now offers Treehouse on Demand, free to their subscribers.

If you are a parent, like myself, this will come very handy, as your kid can watch the show he/she likes at any time, without needing to wait.

Here are some of the shows, they areon channel 220 with Rogers Digital Cable:

* Care Bears – Through music, song, laughter, fun and merriment, the Care Bear Family takes off on new and wonderful heart-warming adventures in feelings; adventures that deal with love, hate, jealousy, frustration and most of all….friendship!
* Corduroy – When Lisa first spots Corduroy with the other bears on the store shelf, it’s love at first sight. Watch as Lisa and Corduroy use their imaginations and end up turning escalators into mountains, laundry bags into caves and laundry detergent into snowflakes. Together they create a new world where everything can take a different shape and their friendship grows stronger every day!
* Max and Ruby – Based on the books of internationally acclaimed childrens author and illustrator Rosemary Wells, Max & Ruby is a preschool program that celebrates being little. The series follows the adventures of two bunny siblings, the irrepressible and feisty Max and his sometimes bossy older sister Ruby
* George Shrinks – George Shrinks is an animated show that celebrates the power of being small. George may only be three inches tall, but that’s not a problem. Although retrieving Mom’s ring from the disposal is like a trip to the center of the Earth and watering the garden is like journeying down the Amazon, George takes it all in stride.
* Timothy Goes to School – Based on the popular books by Rosemary Wells, Timothy Goes to School chronicles the adventures and dilemmas of Timothy, an enthusiastic five-year-old raccoon who is going to kindergarten for the very first time.
* Berenstain Bears – In a big treehouse, down a sunny dirt road, deep in Bear Country lives everyones favourite furry family The Berenstain Bears! Every day brings a new adventure, whether exploring the woods, helping friends and neighbours, or admiring the night sky.
* Anatole – Based on Eve Titus book series of the same name, Anatole is a proud mouse who strives to prove to people just how valuable a mouse can be. A loving husband and father to six charming children from outside of Paris, Anatole acts as an ambassador between the mouse world and the human world.
* Babar Based on the famous books by Laurent de Brunhoff, this is the animated story of Babar, a young elephant who undergoes many challenges and adventures. But Babar always finds the strength to rise above difficulty and search out every cloud’s silver lining.
* Little Bear – Little Bear traces the spirited adventures of a curious, imaginative and inventive little bear and his childhood friends. As Little Bear explores the world under his mother’s watchful eye, curiosity and imagination lead to exploration, experience and