Blackberry Connect 4.0 Downloads (Windows Mobile)

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I thought this might come handy, as there is several blog posts on Blackberry Connect (Updated February, 2009)

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Posted 2/14/2009 3:00:00 AM @ 10:24:00 | Smartphones/Pocket PC

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Hi, using bb connect quite a long time but now i change to wm 6.5. I tryed the latest three but everytime i get a "secrurity service died unexceptedly". Which version do you prefer for 6.5?
Device is a HTC Touch Pro
I am running Blackberry Connect on My HTC Touch Pro. ROM Version 1.90.456.3 WWE, Radio Version BBC Version is

I want to use Applications - eg Google Maps or Windows Live Messenger - and connect through my Blackberry data connection. My service provider does support these applciations through the Blackberry data plan. However, if I set "programs that automatically connect to teh internet shoukld connect using" to "my blackberry", then run the applciation, eg Google Maps, then I get an error message - network unavailable - this application requires a data connection....

Anyone know is there is a tweak or setting I need to change in order to allow these applciaton to use teh blackberry connect data connection?

Otherwise the blackberry connect works fine with the basic - email, calendar etc

Many thanks

which version runs on HTC touch pro 2
Harish Lokhande's avatar

Harish Lokhande · 731 weeks ago

i have HTC P3452 handset & want to download blackberry software can you provide the same.
benjylafond's avatar

benjylafond · 731 weeks ago

I've tried installing, 104, and 106 and everytime my phone (TMO Shadow running WM 6.1) says "Unable to innstall, uncertified system software detected". Can you help? E-mail me at

i want bbm hopefully it will b available soon!
Please take a look at
I have BB Connect working on WInMo 6.5 with no issues.
1 reply · active 670 weeks ago
Did anyone get BB Connect run on the HTC Snap? I tried several versions, but always got the Message "Pin pending"...and nothing happened.
I have a VPA Compact III from vodafone (DE) (HTC HERM 200). In past two years I had never the "short connect / disconnected" problem wich is described so many times. Last week I had the problem, that the IE would not browse in WLAN after the BBC-IE was in use. This problem I still know from the BBC and so I hardreset the device and reinstalled the (last official Version for this device I got from vodafone). But shocking - now I have the same problem with this short connect and then disconnected.
I was calling the vodafone support and told them, that I had this problem now and we tried some tips but it does not work anymore. What I don't understand is the fact that I've used exactly this version from may 2009 to end of august 2009 on excactliy this device and I made no changes in ROM or anything else, I only had to hardreset the device in september after an other problem with the device. Then I installed the older (it was still on my storagecard and I didn't rember that there was the newer version with less problems).

I tried the version,, .103 and .106 now and it is every time the same result.

Has anyone the same experiences that his device was working fine and with same software configuration it does not after reinstall. Has anyone an idea what to do to fix this problem.
OS 5.2.1238 (build 17745.0.2.3)
AKU (unchanged) ".0.2.3"
Modelno HERM200 (Device in BBC-Info "HTC HERMES")

1 reply · active 720 weeks ago
I would like to know if either anyone has been SUCCESSFUL making BB Connect work on the HTC HD2 or if (and when) the next version of BB connect will be available. All of the various suggestions posted across various forums just simply don't seem to work.
3 replies · active 723 weeks ago
hi toghter, do you know about en client for the HTC HD2 - Leo??
1 reply · active 720 weeks ago
hola , estoy probandop con dos htc, una spv m600 y una touch cruise y en las dos tengo PIN: pendiente.

alguna idea por favor?

Hi, i´m trying with two htc devices, a spv m600 (windows mobile 5) and a touch cruise (win mobile6) , on both i have PIN: pending

somebody has an idea please?
thanks for all the good info.

I got V 106 to work on my HTC HD.
I registered on BB connect and recieved my PIN.

1 question though, How do I start messaging people?!

I got a few friend requests, but I dont know what to do from there?

Can I install Blackberry Messenger on my WM 6 phone?

These questions are probably stupid, but Im new to using BB...
1 reply · active 701 weeks ago
SRS-CARLOS's avatar

SRS-CARLOS · 691 weeks ago

Que tal amigos una pregunta ya hize correr el BB ConecT bueno fue en mi LG Incite y bueno todo esta perfecto, ahora como se cual es el bb ping que se me agigno y todas esas extras?? jjeje me ayudan brother gracias..

alguien me ayuda, lo corri en wm 6.5 de samsung i637, en identidad me sale el IMEI, ip, pero en pin me dice pendiente
Are ther any news foe HD2 Leo?
1 reply · active less than 1 minute ago
nice post :)

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anyone here have tried BB connect with motorola Q9H? please let me know

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