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Review: Piel Frama iPod Mini Case

Stylish, high quality protection for your iPod Mini... Piel Frama (PF) is a leather cases manufacturer located in Spain. Each case is hand-made across of different elaboration processes, so each one is unique. I have used their cases ...
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Asterisk – nice PBX software

I know I haven't been writing much lately. Well, I have been busy trying to understand and implement Asterisk. It is a Linux based software PBX and can work with SIP accounts. Basically, it is a ...
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Restore went ok

Well, I recovered some of my data from the old drive and wiped it out. Installed the new drive, restored from backups and I am good to go. The only time consuming process left is ...
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Netscape 8 – cool or maybe not

When I first downloaded and installed Netscape 8, I thought it is cool as it uses both Firefox and IE engines. However, it turns out, the developer's were lagging updates. Hours after release, AOL release ...
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Gameboy Micro

This thing is going to be cute, it is very small :) Sems * Launch is slated for this Fall. * Silver in color for now, expect all sorts ...
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